About Us

ErgonomicChair.net offers an extensive selection of cost-effective, user-friendly, top quality ergonomic chairs and furniture that are intended to help individuals live more comfortably and pain-free.  We strive to partner with manufactures who build products which minimally manipulate our environmental footprint.


ErgonomicChair.com is proud to provide the ultimate online selection of industry selected brands.  Our website strives to describe a truly unbiased resource of our vast product offerings. Amongst the detailed product feature and technical specifications tabs to the “why do we like this product & who is it good for" acknowledgements, our goal is to present the most resourceful information to assist with your buying decisions.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build awareness of the importance and value of ergonomics as well as the products that create a healthy workspace that provides comfortable, pain free and productive environment.   We support your need for cost effective, productivity enhancing workplace solutions that are designed for the well-being of your enterprise, medical, industrial, and home office workers.  We do this by providing:

 A broad selection of high quality products

  • Complete product information including key decision factors
  • Educational information to promote well-researched decisions
  • Personalized, decision making assistance
  • Superior customer service both before and after the sale
  • A wide range of corporate, educational, government, and reseller services

 We’re Earth Friendly:

We work to minimize our carbon footprint in a number of ways including featuring products that utilize recyclable materials, are recyclable, minimize outgassing, offer energy savings, and offer extended lifespans. Many of our products offer LEED credits. Internally, we minimize energy use, utilize recycled packaging and practice the four R’s 

  • Reuse
  • Refurbish
  • Repurpose
  • Recycle