Varier Gravity Balans Chair

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Varier Gravity Balans Chair
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The Varier Gravity Balans is one of the most unique reclining chairs on the market. This kneeling chair also functions as a weightless recliner, giving you an ergonomic way to work and relax. The Varier Gravity ergonomic chair is designed to acommodate a benificial power nap into your work day. Power naps have been proven to increase productivity, boost energy levels, and recharge your brain. The Gravity Balans lets you nap while feeling absolutely weightless thus giving you the most beneficial sleep possible,  yet also functions as a kneeling chair which further boosts productivity and concentration while you work.

Varier Gravity Balans Features:

  • Best of both worlds - lean forward to experience the benefits of working in a kneeling position, lean back to comfortably watch tv or read, and recline fully to take a nap
  • Fits most people - adjustable neck rest and optional weighted headrest helps users under 5'6" and 120 lbs keep chair in the reclined position yet does not effect chair use for larger individuals
  • Environmentally conscious - wood is harvested from sustainable forests, oak and beech words are native to Europe and walnut is harvested in the USA
  • Promotes "active sitting" - boosts energy, increases concentration, and improves circulation and oxygen consumption
  • 7 year on wooden parts, 5 year on mechanisms, 3 year on foams & upholstery warranty.

Varier Gravity Balans Specifications:

Dimensions: 53.1" D x 28.7" W x 48" H
Weight: 55 lbs
Frame options: Wood - natural or black
Upholstery: Fame - 90% wool, 10% polyamide
Weight capacity: 250 lbs

Why We Like It -

  • 4 positions make it perfect for any sitting or reclining activity
  • It's the ultimate all purpose chair

This is Good For -

  • All day workers who wish to improve their productivity and ergonomic health

Varier Gravity Balans Eco Impact

- All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests
- Fabric upholstery is certified eco-friendly

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 Choose from two wood finishes - natural or black (upgrade).