Varier Thatsit Balans Chair

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Varier Thatsit Balans Chair w/ backrest
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The Varier Thatsit Balans is an environmentally friendly and ergonomic seating option. This handcrafted kneeling chair promotes movement and opens the angle between your thighs and upper torso, leaving your spine free in its natural curve and strengthening your back.  In the active sitting position, you increase productivity and comfort while you work. The Varier Thatsit also features adjustable back and knee rests so it's a comfortable fit for workers of all heights and adapts easily to the constant change of the modern work place.

Varier Thatsit Balans Features:

  • Adjustable Backrest - height and depth adjustable to give added support for all day users
  • 3 different sitting positions - for stress free comfort while you sit and work.
  • Environmentally conscious - wood is harvested from sustainable forests, oak and beech words are native to Europe and walnut is harvested in the USA
  • Promotes "active sitting" - boosts energy, increases concentration, and improves circulation and oxygen consumption
  • Optional soft tape - matches the frame finish and protects wood floors
  • 7 year on wooden parts, 5 year on mechanisms, 3 year on foams & upholstery warranty.

Varier Thatsit Balans Specifications:

Dimensions: 19.7"W x 32.7"D x 20.1"H
Back height: 33.9" - 37"
Frame: Natural beechwood
Upholstery: Black Fame - 907% wool, 10% polyamide
Weight: 29 lbs

Why We Like It -

  • Leg cushion is height adjustable to ensure a precise fit for short and tall users alike
  • Optional soft tape matches the frame finish and protects wood floors

This is Good For -

  • All day workers who wish to improve their productivity and ergonomic health

Varier Thatsit  Balans Eco Impact

- All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests
- Fabric upholstery is certified eco-friendly

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Choose either the standard, natural wood finish or upgrade to black for your Thatsit Kneeling Chair.