Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest

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Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest featuring a titanium frame, standard duron arms and Wave blue


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The Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest has earned the loyalty of its fans. No thought or effort is needed to recline or change positions and movement is a key goal when seeking a healthier work environment. Highly contoured cushions provide excellent back, lumbar and lateral support with a feel reminiscent of the car seats in a luxury sports car.

Humanscale Freedom Chair Standard Model Features:

  • Dynamic mechanism opens body angle for improved blood flow and requires no knobs, levers, or tension adjustments.
  • Height adjustable back features contoured lateral support and a prominent lumbar support that maintains a healthy lorthotic curve. Backrest features a pivot that moves as you move, responding to the changing needs of your spine.
  • The headrest is height adjustable and cradles your neck and head for support when reclining - maintaining line of site with your monitors.
  • Seat is height and depth adjustable for proper leg support
  • Height adjustable arms move in tandem and can be placed very low for times when you want your arms out of the way. Advanced arms also pivot.
  • 15-year, 24/7 warranty. See full warranty information.

Humanscale Freedom Chair w/ Headrest Specifications:

Overall dimensions: 27.25" W x 27.5" D x 43" - 53" H
Chair back: 21" W x 26.75" - 34.75"H
backrest has 3" adj. range, headrest has 5" adj. range
Seat: 21" W x 16.25" - 18.5" D
Seat height: 16-21" H standard
15.25" - 19" low
17" - 22.25" tall
Weight limit: 300 lbs
Chair weight: 39 lbs
Box size: 35" H x 27" W x 27" D shipping weight is 58 lbs

Why We Like It -

  • What can we say? It's gorgeous!
  • Easily adjusts to fit most bodies
  • Lumbar support is excellent

This is Good For -

  • Anyone 5' - 6'3"
  • Under 240lbs
  • Demanding people who want style & comfort

Freedom Chair Eco Impact

- Made from 62% recycled content
- 90% recyclable
- Modular design allows for easy parts replacement, prolonging product life
- Greenguard certified
- LEED credits available

Dowload the Humanscale Freedom Chair Brochure - Humanscale Freedom Chair Brochure
- A Decade of Freedom
- Freedom Chair Specifications

Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest Specifications


Humanscale Freedom Chair measurements

Code  Description
a Seat depth: 16.25" - 18.5"
b Seat height: 16" - 21" standard, 15.25" - 19" low, 17" - 22.25" tall
c Seat width: 21"
d Backrest height: 18" plus headrest
e Chair width: 27.25"
f Armrest height: 5" -11"
g Armrest length: 13" standard, 14.25" advanced
h Distance between armrests: 20" standard, 11.5" - 21.5" advanced
j Overall height: 43" - 53" standard cylinder
k Headrest height adjustment range: 5"
l Base diameter: 25"
o Backrest width: 21"

Humanscale Freedom Chair Standard Frame Finishes

Standard frame finishes for your Humanscale Freedom Chair are either Graphite, which is a dark charcoal gray, or Titanium which is more of a silver. Both have a matte finish. Polished aluminum frame or base only are available on our upgraded model.

Humanscale Freedom Chair standard frame finishes

Humanscale Freedom Chair Standard Fabric

Squiggle for your Freedom Chair

Squiggle is constructed of 100% pre-consumer, recycled polyester and offers two-way stretch for a softer "sit." Squiggle is durable enough for everyday use and has an abrasion rating of 150K double rubs.

Humanscale chair Squiggle fabric swatches

Vellum for your Freedom Chair

Vellum offers four-way stretch to maximize the comfort of your cushions but is durable enough for the demands of an office workspace. Vellum is construction of nylon, Cordura, and elastic yarns; is stain and water repellent, has an abrasion rating of 150K double rubs.

Humanscale chair Vellum fabric swatches

Wave for your Freedom Chair

Wave is a four-way stretch fabric designed for heavy-duty use that exceeds all contract interior testing requirements. It has a bit of extra cushioning due to its backing making this the softest "sit" of any of the Humanscale fabric options. Abrasion rating is 150K double rubs. Wave is constructed of 86% nylon and 14% elastic.

Humanscale chair Wave fabric swatches

Lotus for your Freedom Chair

Lotus is the creation of award-winning designer Elizabeth Whelan and is water repellent and super easy to clean making it an excellent choice for more demanding environments including healthcare and the hospitality industry. Lotus offers four-way stretch for comfort and has a soft texture that is pleasing to the touch. Vibrant colors make it a welcome addition in any office. Lotus has a 100% polyurethane face and a nylon backing and has an abrasion rating of 350K double rubs.

Humanscale chair Lotus fabric swatches

Grade 2 - Bridget Stripe

Bridget Stripe is one of Humanscale's most earth-friendly textiles. It is manufacturered of 78% (non-itchy) merino wool with the addition of 14% polyester and 9% nylon for strength. Abrasion rating is 150,000 double rubs. Fabric is soil and stain repellent. Meets cal 117 standard.

Humanscale chair Bridget Stripe fabric swatches

Grade 2 - Gingko

Ginkgo is another design by Elizabeth Whelan that is crafted of renewable 90% wool and 10% nylon. The texture is reminscent of the delicate parallel veins of the Gingko Biloba tree leaves. This fabric is elegant and durable as well as stain and soil resistent. Abrasion rating is 103,000 double rubs. Meets Cal 117 specifications.

Humanscale chair Gingko fabric swatches

Humanscale Freedom Chair Options

The standard Humanscale Freedom Chair can still be customized to meet your comfort and style requirements.

Humanscale Freedom Chair Arms

Choose from no arms, height adjustable arms, or height adjustable arms with a pivoting armpad, and from two different types of armpads, as well as whether or not you want the armpads upholstered to match your chair.

  • No arms - (we recommend getting this chair with arms as the arms adjust low enough to be out of the way when not needed)
  • Standard arms - height adjustable with a 6" adjustment range
  • Advanced arms - height adjustable and have 1.25" longer armpads; armpads pivot inward

Buy Smart: The advanced arms pivot inward which allows the arms to better support the forearms and elbows, and to bring the armpads closer for thinner bodies. Those who type all day and/or have thin upper bodies will prefer the advanced arms.

Choose from Duron or Gel armpads for your Humanscale Freedom Chair
  • Duron armpads - are crafted of soft polyurethane for durability, and are black
  • Gel armpads - are softer and reduce pressure on the forearms and elbows, and are covered in Xanium synthetic leather so they wipe clean
  • Upholstered armpads are available for either armpad.

Buy Smart: Fabric arms get dirty and wear out before the seat cushions. We recommend skipping the upholstered armpads except on leather chairs or where the chair will see light use.

Freedom Chair Seat Padding

Choose either the standard foam seat or gel seat.

  • Standard foam - molded foam is contoured to match body contours and reduce pressure points
  • Gel seat - is crafted of a non-degradable, non-compressible Technogel layer with a foam core. The gel seat conforms better to the body, distributing your body weight more evenly across the seat pan. This further reduces the pressure of sitting on your body.

Buy Smart: The gel seat takes 15 minutes or so to warm up and conform to your body. It's a great upgrade for those who sit in their chair for long stretches. We recommend the standard padding for those who are up and down, or if the chair sees occasional use.

Freedom Chair Height / Cylinder Options

Choose one of three cylinders to tailor the seated height range to the user.

  • Standard - 16" - 21" - fits most people from 5'2" to 6'3"
  • Low - 15.25" - 19" - works well for 5' to 5'6
  • Tall - 17" - 22.25" - extends the height range for taller users or for use at with a higher desktop

Buy Smart: Seated height is only part of the solution for users who are shorter or taller than average. Make sure the seat depth will fit the user as well, otherwise choose a chair that is better sized for that person.


  • Standard casters - work well for carpet and plastic carpet protectors
  • Soft casters - are slower and quieter on hard floors such as linoleum, tile, and concrete
  • Glides - do not roll at all and work on any floor