Humanscale Tall Saddle Seat for Healthcare

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Humanscale Saddle Seat for Healthcare shown in Promessa Ultraleather
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The Humanscale Saddle Seat combines one of the most comfortable stools on the market with easy to clean textiles that work well in a healthcare or industrial setting. The unique saddle shape allows you to sit with the correct lorthotic curve and opens up your hips, places your thighs lower than your hips.  If you're looking for a taller Saddle Seat for Healthcare  or one with a  footring, please see the Humanscale Saddle Seat w/Foot Ring listing.

The Humanscale Saddle Seat Features:

  • Contoured seat and cushions - are designed to fit the human body much better than a standard flat seat
  • Eliminates pressure on the back of your thighs - which can help prevent circulatory problems
  • Promotes movement and easily scoots to where you need it
  • Your choice of fabric, vinyl or ultra-leathers - all look great, wear well and are easy to clean
  • 3 frame finish options - titanium, graphite or polished aluminum with either titanium or graphite trim
  • Fifteen-year, 24/7 warranty. Humanscale Product Warranty Information

Humanscale Saddle Seat Specifications:

c: Seat width: 22"
b: Seated height: 17.5" - 22.75" standard
20.25" - 28.5" high
i: Base diameter: 22 lbs
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Weight: 14lbs

Why We Like It -

  • The saddle shape is a lot more comfortable and better for your back than other medical stools

This is Good For -

  • Anyone that needs a stool and wants to be comfortable
  • Fits 5' to 6'4" depending on cylinder (seated height)

Humanscale Saddle Seat Eco Impact

- Contains 59% recycled content
- Greenguard certified
- LEED credit eligible
Dowload the Humanscale Saddle Stool F300 Brochure - Humanscale Saddle Seat brochure

Humanscale Saddle Seat Frame Finish Options


Saddle Seat Cylinders

Choose from either the standard height cylinder or a high one for a taller seated height range.

  • Standard: 17.5" - 22.75"
  • High: 20.25" - 28.25"
  • Check out the Humanscale Saddle Seat w/Foot Ring listing for the high and extra high seat with your choice of foot rings.

Humanscale Saddle Seat Caster Options

Humanscale offers a variety of options for casters on your stool.  Choose from regular casters for carpet or plastic carpet protectors, soft casters for hard floors, stationary glides, or locking casters


Fabric Options

Humanscale Saddle Seat Stool for Healthcare Textile Options

Grade 1 - Lotus

Lotus offers four-way stretch for comfort and has a soft texture that is pleasing to the touch. Vibrant colors make it a welcome addition in any office. Lotus has a 100% polyurethane face and a nylon backing and has an abrasion rating of 350K double rubs.Lotus is the creation of award-winning designer Elizabeth Whelan and is water repellent and super easy to clean making it an excellent choice for more demanding environments including healthcare and the hospitality industry.

Humanscale chair Lotus fabric swatches

Grade 1 - Spirit Millenium

Spirit Millenium is a durable, antimicrobial vinyl that cleans easily with soap and water. The finish is mildew, stain and oil resistant. Abrasion rating is 250,000 double rubs. Meets Cal 117 requirements.

Humanscale chair Vinyl fabric swatches


Grade 3 - Promessa

Promessa is an Ultraleather textile, a high quality synthetic leather, that looks and feels like the real thing but offers a wipe clean surface and antimicrobial properties that makes this textile superb for office or healthcare use. Promessa is breathable and durable and can be more comfortable and longer lasting than true leather while saving you money. Constructed of a 100% polyurethane surface with a 65% polyester and 35% rayon backing.

Humanscale chair Promessa Ultraleather swatches