Piolt Spot Back Support for Office & Auto

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Pilot Spot Back Support for the Office or Auto

The keys to a healthy back

Humantool Pilot Spot brings the back into a supportive upright position and thus straightens the spine. This upright posture serves to minimize strain in back, shoulders, and neck.
Humantool Pilot Spot acts as bearing, which the back rests upon while being in continuous light motion. This serves to activate all back muscles and the entire metabolism. When locomotion ends, pain and numbness set in.

Adjustable to fit with all kinds of seats

-ideally suitable for drivers
-to office chairs
-take it with you when you travel, e.g. by airplane
-quick fixing and releasing
-infinitely variable and simple height adjustment
-special feature of viscoelastic cushioning Pharma Foam:   weight balancing effects
-ventilation ducts reduce perspiration
-washable cover

Humantool under extreme conditions

In an air force lab, Humantool Backrests were tested under the extreme conditions fighter pilots are exposed to. Humantool also produces backrests for hundreds of airline pilots in civil aviation. The G-forces in aviation may be tremendous; however, the backs of ordinary car drivers and office workers also require improved conditions.